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COLOURS. David de Limón & PITIMINÍS Edition

  • by Héctor Andrés Ramos

Again, we collaborate with the artist David de Limón

And we do it to launch a very colorful edition. After the success of the first By Artist collection and the numbered and limited edition of 145 pieces in silver and black chrome, and white porcelain of this icon, we return to work side by side with the artist David de Limón.

Blue by David de Limón & Pitiminís

This time it is 8 exclusive pieces intervened by the artist plus a print also intervened and finished by hand. Each one has a color that "stains" the sculpture giving the impression of having become dirty by painting.

Red, orange, blue, green, purple, yellow, pink and black are the tones David has chosen to decorate each piece and print.

colours david de limon pitiminits print

They are already available on the web and in Galería Estudio 30, Valencia, with Lupe Fullana in front, at a price of € 650 pvp per unit.


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