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MICKELIN by Artist Event

  • by Héctor Andrés Ramos

"10 artists, 10 views"

Last afternoon of February 8 we had the pleasure of presenting the collection Mickelín by artist in the building Veles e Vents from Valencia - Hall Amstel Art. This event represented a lot for us since our Mickelín, designed by Héctor Clarossi , is one of our pieces more exclusive and darlings.

Our artists ( David de Limón , La Nena Wapa Wapa , Pepe Gimeno , Raquel Villanueva , Juanjo Gasull , David Ojeda , Franciscio Reyes , Verónica Montijano , Rosemile Drewer ) prese They were authentic works of art, they managed to capture their vision of Mickelín and show it to the world.

It was exciting to see so many people involved in the project. Also noteworthy are the artists Jokekpc and Bonerkpc who painted live paintings during the event.

Flyer Mickelin by Artist

The music was commissioned Ander Zubiria , renowned DJ of Valencia . Now that time has passed since that afternoon, we look back to think and reflect. We have realized that we only have words of thanks to all the people who made it possible: artists, assistants, assembly team... .

From Pitiminís we thank everyone for your participation in one way or another. Without you it would not have been possible. Now we are presented with a new challenge, the presentation of the "David de Limón by artist" collection on May 17 at 8pm in the Amstel Art Room. We hope to see you everyone again, you can't miss it!


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