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  • by Héctor Andrés Ramos

Special gift for customers of Hispano Suiza Carmen

One of the collaborations that we are excited to realize is none other than that related to this fantastic car ... Baptized as Hispano Suiza Carmen in honor of Carmen Mateu, granddaughter of the founder of the company, it is a great electric tourism two-seater rear-propulsion in which the classic and modern forms shake hands exceeding 1,000 hp of power.

The brand was looking for something original to give to its exclusive customers and they have trusted us to carry out this project, which we greatly appreciate those responsible for that company.

The result, we can see it soon, for now we leave you the first images of this stunning marvel of technology that will only be manufactured (by hand) 19 units, and a teaser of what will be our contribution to the brand. By the way, we have already tried it ...


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