Mickelín by La Nena Wapa Wapa


by Pitiminís


This Pitimini belongs to the Mickelín By Artist collection, a collection made up of 10 unique Mickelines customized by 10 different artists. The objective? That each author project their style in the piece to achieve very special combinations. It was presented at the "Mickelín By Artist" event in the Veles e Vents building, Valencia.


La Nena Wapa Wapa , urban artist from Valencia. It feels like a woman orchestra in the field of plastic creation. He considers that a large part of the images he creates are poetic and tries to make the viewer make his own reading of them and make them his own. Many of his works can be seen in the famous Carmen neighborhood.


"I always try that my pieces have an informal simplicity, with few colors (...) I try that all the weight falls on the concept, that the people who pass in front of them make a little reflection (...) My Mickelín is a minimalist work, in black and white, and roots start from his head. I am not going to tell my vision since I want everyone to interpret it as he wishes. "


Handmade 3,4 Kg
Hand painted 31 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm
Own creation Solid Polyresin